what is iron foundry

The term steel casting is used to describe a factory that mainly specializes in the production and manufacturing of steel castings and other types of casting moulds that can be made with molten iron. These industrial giants usually occupy huge areas of land and have thousands of people working in them, one of the most known in our time being the Waupaca Foundry in Wisconsin. Steel foundries are one of the oldest and most sustainable metal smelting business operations, usually producing millions of tons of iron products every year.

An iron foundry incorporates a basic three-step process which involves the melting of iron in bulk and then pouring the molten metal into molds with various shapes and sizes. The third step is the finishing process. Once the cooling process has finished, the casting is removed from the mold and cleaned. The finished product is usually sand blasted to clean its surface. Even though the mold can have different shapes, this is a very rough and clumsy process, so mold geometry is usually quite simple and symmetrical.

Some of the more common types of products that can be manufactured in iron foundries include: car and machine parts, pipes, plumbing and cookware.